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“I started out with Adrian about a year And bit ago
I weighed about 227 lbs
In less a year I gain strength in my body and trim to 168
Under Adrians guidance I stayed motivated and looked forward to the results
He is able to keep you on track . I would highly recommend Adrian to anyone whose wants to get fit or just feel good about exercise
Great personality.”

Louis Barrie

“My name is Paris Miller I’m 25 years old, I was never big on confidence through out my life but since I’ve been introduced to compound body I have never been more confident I’m slimmer, healthier and more active than ever.
My weight was 218 pounds and after three months it is now 179 the progress I made was amazing I’m free of the shackles of being over weight.”

Paris Miller

“My training experience with Adrian was amazing . I worked with him for well over a year and couldn’t ask for a better motivator!! He helped me reach goals that I couldn’t even imagine doing on my own . From work out plans to meal plans he had me on the right track from day one ! Not only did he help me reach goals at the gym but also became a friend that pushed me to do things outside of the gym !!! Greatly appreciated everything we have done together.”

Felicia Barrie

“When I had decided to get back to the gym after a long time off. I was worried about my abilities with reoccurring injuries. Adrian worked with me giving me many different ways to workout key areas. I saw results within weeks with his drive and support. Adrain will get you results!”

Petra Sanchez

“I worked out extensively with Adrian for many years during high school and college, and two things remained the same– the intensity level at which he trained, and his persistence in achieving a certain goal inside the gym.
Adrian has always been an extremely motivating gym partner who pushes those who he works with to achieve higher heights. He never ever settles for second best and expects the same from those who he trains or trains with.

His persistence in the gym is a function of his love for fitness. Because of this love, he never leaves the gym without a single stone unturned. Every set gets done, every rep counts on the road to achieving your fitness goals. I have not personally met a more result-oriented person trainer as Adrian. I highly recommend!”

Jovan Legister

“I’ve always thought that one should live and be healthy but my love for food has always been my biggest challenge. I’ve wanted to give up so many times, but Compound Body reminded me why I started and that in the end it will all be worth it. Since working with Compound Body, my eating habits have been revamped while still allowing me to enjoy my love of food.”

Tanice Blair

“I first met Adrian over a year ago. Working with him I was able to learn alot of things as to a proper eating habit to my body type and just what to work on to reach my goals. Learning how to do excersizes properly to get the results you want quickly and effective. Adrian is a great motivator and is quick to make sure your doing things properly. With the results I have right now I couldn’t be more happier and I’m alot more confident about my body.”

Crystal Carson

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