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How to Workout Your Legs With a Stability Ball


There are so many ways you can work out your legs. From beginner squats to lunges and deadlifts, exercises can target single muscles (isolation exercise) or multiple muscles (compound exercise). We’re going to be looking at how to use the Stability Ball. While you typically see it used for crunches, we’ll show you some pretty […]

What’s Intermittent Fasting About?


4 Amazing Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting Brain Health A recent study by the National Institute of Health shows an increase of a brain hormone called BDNF(1). The increase may aid in the growth of new nerve cells and may protect against Alzheimer’s disease. May Help to Fight Cancer Another study by the NIH(2) suggests […]

5 Amazing Stability Ball Exercises to Help you Build Leg Strength


The stability ball is useful for so many exercises. It helps build balance and coordination, plus it’s great for so much more. It’s no wonder fitness professionals love it so much. We’ve had a lot of requests for more leg exercises, so here you go! 5 Amazing Stability Ball Exercises to Help you Build Leg […]