About US

I like being fit, strong and healthy, but that was not always the case. As a child, I was overweight but since becoming fit, I realized that being in shape was a feeling I thoroughly enjoyed. Knowing that everyone would like to feel confident but feel as though it is hard to do if they are overweight, I recognize that my calling is to help others in the position that I was in for so many years.

As I went further into my years of training I realized that people wanted different things; strength, muscle, general fitness, athletic prowess and some wanted it all such as myself. Over the years I have maintained what some would call a 6 pack, I have grown continuously strength wise, while increasing muscle density and athletic prowess. I have often been approached with questions like; how do I build muscle, how do I increase my strength, how do I lose weight and the number one question I get is, how do I lose my stomach. I have studied the body over the years through research and plain observation along with trial and error. Whatever I tell you are all the things that I have found that work effectively and efficient and thus I have designed the website to function as myself. The website is designed in a easy to use way and simplistic and to the point manner that will deliver real results if you put the time and effort into following the instructions accordingly.

So, whatever type of workout you’re interested in, whether Calisthenics, treadmill or just lifting heavy at the gym, my goal is to help you achieve yours. Will it happen in 21 days like the others promise? No. Will it be easy? Definitely not! Will I make it simple? Definitely! Will it be worth it? Absolutely! Being fit is not a course, it’s a lifestyle. Let us take it one step and day at a time. I’m ready, are you?