About US

Why we started Compound Body

The idea came while I was a personal trainer, my clients and regular users of the gym who in general wanted to get in shape always came to asked me various question like; how can I reduce my belly fat? what is the fastest way to lose fat or gain muscles just to name a few.

After repeatedly saying the same thing, I felt like a broken record. I said to myself there must be another way to do this other than being a Scratched CD; this was problem number one. The next big issue I realized after sitting with 100’s of potential clients for consultation was; a lot of people were interested in training with me; however, it seems their main issue was money. It cost anywhere from $80 to $120 per session to train at the facility that I worked. This for some may not be a lot but for others it might be a days’ wage.

Additionally, to the previous problems that I encountered I now encountered limited time issue, if people wanted to train with me each week it is impossible to do so with in person sessions. At most I could probably train 20 people each week and that would still be an Overkill.

Another issue I was having was, my clients felt so great when they train with me and achieve their goals, I wanted everyone else to experience Joy and liberation from my influence which I provided; however, once again I would be limited by the face to face concept of training. This brings us to the solutions which lead to the start of Compound Body.

I solved the 1st problem by doing YouTube videos. The videos would make it more efficient and accessible for those seeking to learn or have certain questions to have access to me. They could access me anywhere, anytime and repeat me as frequently as desired. I improved this method by also providing online articles, frequently asked questions (FAQ) and free meal and workout plans.

I solved the other problems by implementing Compound Body’s online training platform; this allowed me to, A) provide training at a cheaper cost; compared to $80 to $120 per session at a physical location, B) I could now provide training for an entire month for the same cost of doing one session, this would help people to transform their lives regardless of their income.

Also, this gave me the ability to train people anywhere in the world and whoever desired to be trained by me. My goal is to help as many people around the world to be healthy and fit in all aspects of their lives; physically, emotionally spiritually and mentally as we continue to add to our resources for impacting all your health and fitness needs

My story

I never thought I would be here; coaching people, helping to develop others to be the best they can be. Up until I was 14 years old I used to be considered as fat, I remember times when others used to make fun of me. I don’t remember having much self-confidence in my younger years, I used to be pushed around or afraid to express myself.

I went on to high school where I played Sports. I started to lose fat, everyone was so amazed they said you have gotten skinny, it was like winning a prize, welcome to the skinny gang, the girls no longer thought I was just a cutie, I now had genuine attraction from the girls, not just a brotherly type. I felt more relaxed in environment where other fit people were, I felt more confident, I felt like I valued more, my confidence grew and everything else started to follow.

Ending high school, I started going to the gym with my friends to poke fun at them saying why do you need to lift weights, maybe this is going to hurt you, why do you guys do this everyday, I really didn’t understand the game at that time. I gave weightlifting a try one day, my arms were unstable, my teeth clenched and my muscles burned after which I swore to my friends I would never lift weights again. I went home that Summer and I did push-ups and sit-ups relentlessly; my friends saw me two to three months after and they could not believe what they were seeing. it’s like I transformed by a magician, they asked me which gym I was going I said none, I was doing workouts at home.

This adoration sparked my interest. I went on to University where I saw the older guys lifting weights in the gym and I was intrigued. I went around and ask questions, experimented and soon found out that I was Intoxicated by working out. I remember several times the gym instructor would look at me and said Nicholson! You are addicted, I was one of the few still going to the gym in exam periods. this created a neve yielding habit. I was passionate, I loved working out. I did not know much about food groups and what I should or should not eat but I ate food that were less processed.

I went on in later years to become a personal trainer, this opened my eyes to a Whole New World. I finally understood how I accomplished what I did, how I should eat, how I could improve my eating, how I could improve my exercises. I finally understood it all and how all of this positively affected all my life aspect.

Many people to this day ask me why do I go so hard at the gym? aren’t you already fit? aren’t you already healthy? you don’t need to go to the gym, you don’t need to work out that hard. Most people miss the point of why I work out and so I’m going to tell you. I work out because it makes me feel great, I feel powerful, I feel strong, I feel invincible, if I’m in a funk I usually workout making me feel a lot better, if I am stressed I work out even harder, if I had a long day I still work out as if I did not work at all. I am dedicated I am addicted.

I love doing this, I look forward to each workout and meal. I love eating healthy. I challenge myself in the gym as a replication of challenging myself in life, when I overcome the struggles inside the gym it gives me the motivation and drive to overcome the struggles in my life. If I am having a hard time then I do a hard workout, this reminds me that no matter how tough life gets I can get through it.

Working out isn’t about physique or ego for me. It shapes my lifestyle, dreams and belief system. It improves my mental capacity, my ability to overcome in life, my ability to get through it when things are tough and to keep pushing when I’m tired. If I can be committed to my workouts and my eating habits, then I can be committed to anything in life because these are daily habits that takes great mental focus to accomplish and so everyday I become stronger and stronger.