Can I survive using Elemental diets and Supplements only?

Years ago Nutrition scientists have stated what nutrients our bodies need to be healthy and grow. Today, scientist have developed the skills needed for making supplements and elemental diets. These formula were originally intended for people who had disorders and needed alternate care. However, these formula have been recently being used outside of the medical settings for personal use and to enhance results, marketers have been advertising them heavily to all people as a meal replacement or an easier way to get nutrients.

The truth is, many people do not know that these products are essential for people who are sick and cannot eat ordinary food or people who have disorders and are lacking nutrients to keep them in the healthy category. Just so everyone is aware; supplements and elemental diets are not superior to real food.

What is elemental diet?

The elemental diet is one that uses formulas that contain broken down macro nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins, which are predigested into their most basic elements. These elements include free form amino acids, simple carbohydrates and medium chained fatty acids. Vitamins and minerals are also incorporated into elemental formulas in order to meet all nutrient needs. These elements are combined to make a powder or liquid beverage that is easily absorbed and beneficial for gut bacteria.

Healthy individuals should also know and understand these supplement and elemental diets are not going to help them to thrive over the long term. In addition, supplementation as a way of receiving nutrients cannot support optimal health, growth and may often times lead to medical complications. Because it is not design for this purpose. Individuals who eat healthy do not need elemental or dietary supplements. On the other hand, hospitalized individuals are given food mixtures through the vines which often improves their conditions significantly when before starting to eat real food. So, what does eating food provide that cannot be provided by these formulae? Physical and psychological responses.

The stomach and intestines are dynamic organs in the digestive tracts. they respond to stimulation such as taste, aroma and sight. Receiving food through the veins leads to weakened and small digestive muscles. Also, because of lack of stimulation the body’s defenses become weak against certain infections such as infection of the respiratory tract. Hormones are released by digestive system in response to food, these hormones send satisfaction messages to the brain” I am full”. the act of eating provides emotional and physical comfort to the brain which food replacement does not.

Food provides more than comfort massages to the brain and sustaining the health of the digestive tract. food are complex chemicals, not only containing nutrients but also contains non-nutrients and phytochemical that gives the food its color, taste, and its other characteristics. Scientist believe that eating healthy food affect human health by reducing the risks of diseases. Even ordinary boiled eggs encompass hundreds of different compounds. in the perspective of all of this it isn’t shocking that food gives us more than supplements.

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