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What is the difference between Organic and Inorganic Food?

When Shoppers pick up two sweet smelling mangoes but one of them has a label saying organic and the other does not mention whether its organic, pesticide free or any details whatsoever, people won’t see any differences except the labels. Both may have the same nutritional value, taste and other attributes. In fact, both of […]

Why the hell is it in my Chocolate Chip Cookies?

Vegetable oils contribute a significant amount of fat to our diet because fast-food chains use them for frying, food manufactures add them to processed foods. And consumers tend to choose margarine over butter. Consumers of vegetable oils may feel safe in choosing these products because they are generally less statured than animal fats. If consumers […]

Is Carbohydrate good for you?

Carbohydrates are essential fuel for most of our bodily functions, they are rich in fiber and has many important uses in our bodies. Carbohydrate (Carbs) also, provide a good amount of vitamins and minerals with little or no fat. Grains and grain products supply many people daily intake of Carbs. As a result, any food […]

What happens to food when its canned, dried, extruded and frozen?

The world we live in now requires fast motions, everything has to be done in fast manner, even food has to be prepared quickly. Many people rely on processed and packaged foods for speed and convenience but they lose control over what their food contains. The question is what is the cost (disadvantage vs advantage) […]

Can I survive using Elemental diets and Supplements only?

Years ago Nutrition scientists have stated what nutrients our bodies need to be healthy and grow. Today, scientist have developed the skills needed for making supplements and elemental diets. These formula were originally intended for people who had disorders and needed alternate care. However, these formula have been recently being used outside of the medical […]

How to know if you are eating right?

There are five features to recognize a nutritious diet. These features are the building block of a nourishing diet. Adequacy, balance calories intake, moderation, and variety. In this article we will talk about each of them. Adequacy: means the food you are eating is providing your body with essential nutrients, fiber and energy. For example, […]