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Eating According to Your Body Type

Eating According to Your Body Type


How To Know If You’re an Ectomorph
You are naturally thin with skinny limbs ( you will never be a pro football linebacker ! )
Have a fast metabolic rate and tend to be thyroid dominant
Tend to be better at endurance activities
Tend to have a higher carbohydrate tolerance ( think skinny bitch that can eat what she wants ! )
Typical goal is to increase lean muscle mass/weight
Your Plate
55% Carbs   25% Protein   20% Fats

How To Know If You’re an Mesomorph
You are naturally muscular and athletic looking (Ectomorphs hate you )
Testosterone and growth hormone dominant
Often into bodybuilding and strength exercises (you’re the linebacker )
Goals are often to lose fat or increase sports performance
Moderate carb tolerance
Your Plate
40% Carbs   30% Protein   30% Fats

How To Know If You’re an Endomorph
Naturally broad and thick through the limbs
Slow metabolic rate and insulin dominant
Often migrate to strength activities ( no marathon runners here)
Low carb tolerance (goes right to the hips!)
Goals are usually to lose body fat ( In the abs )


Your Plate
25% Carbs   35% Protein   40% Fats

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