Massive Legs
Squat5-66-860 s
Barbell Walking Lunges 5-616steps60 s
One Legged Leg Press 5-68/side 2x60 s
One Legged Leg Curls 5-610/side 2x60 s
Barbell Calf Raise 5-610-1560 s
Weighted Box Jumps 5-612-1560 s
Chest Bomber
Incline Chest Press5-66-8
X Press 5-66-8
Incline Dumbbell Chest Press5-66-8
Flat Dumbbell Chest press5-66-8
Flat Dumbbell Chest press5-68-10
Big Bang Shoulders
Barbell shoulder Press5-66-8
Shoulder Flies 5-68-10
Dumbbell Shoulder Press5-66-8
Front Raises5-68-10
Dumbbell Shoulder Press with Rotation5-68-10
Rear Deltoid Flies 5-68-10
Cobra Back
Weighted Wide Grip Pull Up5-610
Barbell Row5-66-8
One Arm Dumbbell row5-66-8
Cable Pull down5-66-8
Close Grip cable Row5-66-8
Romanian Deadlift5-66-8
All Compound Lifts
Flat Barbell Bench Press 5-66-8
Back Squat 5-66-8
Weighted Wide Grip Pull Ups5-610
Stationary Lunges 5-68-10/leg
Military Shoulder 5-66-8
Giant Arms
Barbell Curls5-66-8
Skull Crusher5-66-8
Kneeling Tricep Extension5-66-8/side
Barbell Preacher Curls5-66-8/side
Tri. Pull Downs5-66-8
Cable Curls5-66-8
Weighted Dips5-66-8
Steel Abs
Leg Raises

hold every 5 reps until exhausted

Medicine Ball chops5-612/side
Cable Twist5-612/side
Landmine Core Twist5-614
Pike Up5-6max
Farmers Walk5-630s/side
Be the Strongest
Clean and Press5-62-4
Landmine Lunge and Press5-66-8
Landmine One arm Squat Press5-66-8
Shoulder Push ups 5-6max
Alternating Dumbbell Press 5-68-10
Landmine one arm Clean 5-66-8
DeadLift Party
Romanian Deadlifts5-66-8
Weighted Back Extension 5-68-10
Stiff Leg Deadlifts5-66-8
Farmers Walk5-630s/side
Dumbbell Deadlifts5-66-8
Chest Gone Wild
Diamond Push ups 5-6max
Elevated Push ups 5-6max
Clapping Push ups 5-6max
Weighted Chest Dips5-66-8
Alternating Arm Push ups 5-6max
Wide Arm Push ups5-66-8
Slow Diamond Push ups 5-6max
Flaming Leg Day
Back Squat 5-66-8
Barbell Jumping Squat5-66-8
Glute Bridges5-68-10
Weighted Step Ups5-68-10
Box Jumps5-66-8
Try it if you bad
Barbell Snatch 5-64-6
Front Squat5-66-8
Muscle Ups 5-6max
Push Up Planks 5-6max
Barbell Ab Rollers 5-6max
Weighted Wide Grip Pull Ups5-610
Weighted One Legged Frog Jumps5-68/side
Go Beyond your level
Dumbbell Squat Press5-66-8
Dumbbell Snatch5-66-8/side
2 Arm Kettle Bell Swing

kettlebell In each hand

Close Grip Barbell Press5-66-8
Cable Pull Downs5-66-8
Muscle Ups 5-6max
I am a Beast
Ab Roller 5-6max
Dumbbell Chest Press5-66-8
One legged Leg Press 5-68/side 2x
One Arm Shoulder Flies5-66-8/side
Weighted One Legged Box Jump5-66-8/side
Chest Flies5-68-10
Barbell Curls5-66-8
Back half of my body
T bar Row5-66-8
Barbell Glute Bridges5-66-8
Barbell Calf raises5-610-12
Weighted Behind the neck Pull Ups 5-610
Dead lifts5-64-6
One Arm Cable Row 5-66-8
Overhead triceps Extension5-66-8
Hit me from Front and Back
Barbell Row5-66-8
Dumbbell Incline Chest Press5-66-8
One Arm Dumbbell Row5-66-8/side
Barbell Flat Bench Press5-66-8
Barbell Military Shoulder Press5-66-8
Weighted Dips5-66-8
Dumbbell Curls5-66-8
Legs for Days
Walking Lunges5-614 steps
Leg Press Kickbacks5-68/side
Barbell Glute Bridges5-66-8
One Legged Leg Press 5-68/side 2x
Dumbbell One legged Calf Raise 5-610-12/side
Back Squats5-66-8
Crossfit and Famous
One Arm Kettle Bell Cleans5-66-8
One Arm overhead Kettle Bell hold while Lunging5-66-8/side
Barbell Jump Squats5-68-10
Medicine Ball Slam 5-6max
Landmine Squat Press and Pass5-66-8
Landmine One Arm Row5-66-8
Can you Do this
Alternating Barbell Jumping Lunges5-614
2 Arm Barbell Landmine Squat Press5-66-8
Close Grip Pull Ups 5-610
Weighted Alternating Side Dips 5-66-8
Soldier Crawl 5-650 meters
Weighted Step Ups5-68/side
Strength Gains
Alternating Wide Grip Pull Ups 5-610
Push Up Position, Exercise Ball Plank 5-6max
Front Squat 5-66-8
One Arm Dumbbell Press Up Core Twist on Exercise Ball 5-66-8 /side
Weighted Frog Jumps5-610-12
One Arm Kettle Bell Snatch 5-66-8 /side