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How to know if you are eating right?

How to know if you are eating right?

There are five features to recognize a nutritious diet.
These features are the building block of a nourishing diet. Adequacy, balance calories intake, moderation, and variety. In this article we will talk about each of them.
Adequacy: means the food you are eating is providing your body with essential nutrients, fiber and energy. For example, vitamin C is an essential nutrient, you lose a certain amount each day, not to mention; your body does not make vitamin C on its own as a result, you have to replace it. If your diet is low in vitamin C you will develop scurvy. Some food is rich in vitamin C such as mango, peas, and orange. An easy way to attain vitamin C is to include these food in your diet regularly.

Balance: balance is the second feature; A balanced diet ensures that your body receives enough but not too much or too little nutrients, in order for your body to remain healthy. A common problem results from eating an unbalanced diet, eating high amounts of sugar and processed carbohydrates can harm the pancreas thereby limiting the production of the insulin. My recommendation is to use food group plan to help you achieve dietary adequacy and balance. The food group plan endorses specific amount of foods from each group, thereby helping you to prioritize your intake of nutrients.

Calorie-Controlled Diet: Make sure your energy intake doe not exceed your energy expenditure. Eating a controlled diet helps control body weight and fat. Do not eat too little and kill yourself at the gym and expect to build muscles. Also, do not eat everything your eyes can see and perform too little exercises and expect to lose weight.

Moderation: you can eat what ever you crave but the key to not gain weight and enjoy your food is, MODERATION. If you are craving for a cake eat a small portion of the cake do not eat the whole cake. similarly, even healthy food can cause harm if not taken in moderation, some people think just because it is a healthy food they go crazy with it. For example, avocado is a good source of healthy fat but one whole avocado contains around 350 calories. As a result, go for the heathier choice when possible but always eat in moderation.
Variety: scientists suggest that people should not eat the same food every day and should consume a variety of food groups throughout the day. Variation increases the likelihood of adequacy. Eating a new food could be pleasurable and ensures all essential nutrients are supplied.
Here is a video below to help you to understand more about eating a nutritious diet while gaining muscles or losing fat.


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