Why Choose Compound Body?

Compound Body Offers Online Coaching by Certified Personal trainers who provide Meal Plans, Workout Plans, Recipes and answers to your frequently asked questions. We guarantee a adaptable lifestyle and training system that will work for you. Everyone is different so all our programs and guidance we provide put you first. We have a huge support system across social medias and our online resources. Your success is guaranteed with us once you are honest with our coaches. If you’re tired of trying to figure out what exercises to do at the gym and trying to figure out what to eat, this is a game changer!

Compound Body has experience coaching individuals ages 16 to 70 years. Our coaches provide Training to Anyone who considers themselves to be in the following categories; medically fit to do physical activities, non athletes recovering from injury, general athletes, people with certain health issues (thyroid, insulin resistance.

Compound Body - For EveryBODY

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We are Online Personal Trainers offering the following;

  1. Meal Planning based on your goals
  2. Personal training
  3. Continuous communication using (WhatsApp, trainerize and skype)
  4. Video calling *
  5. Access to Online Resources
  6. Tracking of your daily eating and physical activities
  7. Educational Material
  8. Motivational Support

*Extra charges may apply

Benefit of Following the Meal Plan Coaching:

  1. We see what you eat, so we keep you inline for reaching your goals
  2. We give you a plan, review your meals and tell you what you are doing right and what needs to be improved
  3. We don’t deprive you of foods you like to eat, we suggest healthier alternatives that taste just as good or better that will help you reach your goal
  4. We teach you how to make healthier choices daily, whether traveling, limited on time or going out

Benefits of having a Personal Trainer:

  1. Certified Trainers: All of our workout plans have been created by certified personal trainers with decades of combined experience
  2. Simple to Follow: Whether you’re working out at home or at the gym, you’ll have great, well explained and easy to understand workouts that is tailored for you as a beginner, intermediate or advanced
  3. Guaranteed Results: Researches have proven that having a coach increases your probability to achieve your goals up to 90% more than doing it on your own
  4. Accountability: We work with you on this ongoing journey, providing support regular feedback and program changes to ensure you reach your goals

All the benefits of working with a personal trainer without the huge monthly cost!

Whether you’re looking for an individualized workout plan, nutrition program or both, our team will ensure you get the individual attention you need to make a massive change in your life!